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Güntensperger Käse AG has many years of experience making goat's cheese. Three cheeses have emerged, each unique, and something for every taste and preference. Our three goat's cheeses - Ziegenkönig, Geissblütenzauber and Toggenburger Ziege - are all made from the best Toggenburg goat's milk, where the goats have access to the best grass, herbs and terrain under animal-friendly conditions. Good milk makes good cheese. Carefully worked out, the recipe adapted and perfected, we now have three goat's cheeses in our range that are well worth seeing (and extremely tasty) - mild and accessible, balanced and with a herbal rind or really tangy and for connoisseurs.


Ziegenkönig cheese wheel - from Güntensperger - gold award - balanced

Balanced, tried and tested, rather mild, spicy and with a down-to-earth character.

Gold-winning cheese at the Käsiade 2021!

With the first pithy bite and the light, typical goat flavour in the nose, we immediately see ourselves surrounded by the proud Toggenburg goats on the steep pasture slopes.


Geissblütenzauber cheese wheel - from Güntensperger - beginner-friendly goat's cheese, mild, with edible flower rind

Unusually little matured for a goat's cheese and therefore mild and beginner-friendly.

The unique, edible flower rind gives the cheese flavour and character.

The bestseller at the "Salon du Frommage" in Paris.

Traditional pure handcraft.


Toggenburger Ziege cheese wheel - from Güntensperger - awarded gold - aromatic flavour, mature goat's cheese

Honoured with gold at the World Cheese Awards 2022. 

Fine, crunchy salt crystals and aromatic flavour.

A distinctly flavoursome goat's cheese for lovers and connoisseurs.

A tribute to the local goats and a direct and sustainable support.

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