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Goat's flower cheese

Goat's flower cheese


As we bite into the Geissblütenzauber, with the light scent of goat around our senses, we are already standing on the Toggenburg slopes, surrounded by the majestic goats. Their winks accompany the crackling of the herbs, while the mild flavour unfolds in the mouth. A special highlight is the flower-covered rind, which should not be missed, as it gives the cheese that certain something extra - an explosion of flavour that crowns the magic of the goat's milk cheese.


- It is traditionally made entirely by hand in the speciality cheese dairy in Bodmen by master cheesemaker Reto Güntensperger himself.

- A mild yet delicately flavoured cheese. Ideal for those new to goat's cheese.

- Most of the milk comes from original Toggenburg goats.


Full product description "Geissblütenzauber" in detail as PDF