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Cheese Dairy Bütschwil | Güntensperger Käse AG | Production, packaging and shipping of innovative Swiss cheese products all over the world according to a proven recipe

Cheese Dairy Bütschwil

Exactly 24 years to the day after taking over the Bodmen cheese dairy, Heinz Güntensperger bought the Bütschwil cheese dairy on May 1, 1999. However, this was only because he knew that he had a successor in Reto. Reto had already decided on an apprenticeship as a cheesemaker. In Bütschwil, the largest cheese dairy team produces up to 5 batches of cheese a day, 7 days a week. Gwitterchäs, Roter Teufel or our Appenzeller cheeses are all produced in the Bütschwil cheese dairy.


Cheese Dairy Bütschwil

Hofstrasse 9

9606 Buetschwil

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