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Toggenburger Ziege

Toggenburger Ziege


World Cheese Awards 2022 - Gold

World Cheese Awards 2017 - Bronze

Kasiade 2021 - Bronze


Distinctive and firm in bite, a fine, typical goat's aroma teases the nose. It shows off the unique character and  of its homeland. The fine, crunchy salt crystals mix with the aromatically strong seasoning. The balanced sweetness gives the cheese its full-bodied aroma.


- An excellent, award-winning goat's cheese

- It is traditionally made entirely by hand in the Bodmen specialty cheese dairy

- An aromatic, strong and flavorful cheese. Perfect for goat cheese lovers and those who want to become so

- 100% regionality, the milk comes from the original Toggenburg goats

- The cheese was created to promote the keeping of local Toggenburg goats


Complete product description with detailed history of the "Toggenburger Ziege" as a PDF