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Bodmen Cheese Dairy

Heinz Güntensperger took over this cheese dairy from Josef Eberle on May 1, 1975. For taking over the dairy, Heinz was given just half a day's leave from military service, according to today's smiling statement, because he had been so indispensable. Next to the cheese dairy is also the residential house where Heinz and Bea Güntensperger still live today and where their 4 children, including Reto and Marcel, grew up. Today, the Bodmen cheese dairy produces in particular the whole goat cheese specialties. The rustic cheese dairy also serves as a research and development workshop for new cheese specialties. The Bodmen cheese dairy is also very special for the apprentices of Güntensperger Käse AG, because there is still a real alpine cheese dairy atmosphere here.


Käserei Bodmen

Lerchenfeld 16

9601 Lütisburg Station

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