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Innovative cheese for the culinary mind


Passionate craftsmanship, highest standards, professional service - that's us.

Quality cheese from Toggenburg in Switzerland to the whole world

At Güntensperger, traditional craftsmanship meets continuous innovation. The Güntensperger family has been producing cheese delicacies in Toggenburg for over 130 years, and the experience has been passed down through generations. Today, Güntensperger consists of a team of over 50 selected specialists. Well-tried recipes alongside new culinary inventions find themselves in our selected range today. Our dedication and passion for crafting cheese is reflected in our quality. Twelve of our products have won awards throughout Switzerland and internationally.

At Güntensperger, we still work with small farms where animal welfare is a matter of course. From Toggenburg and the surrounding area, we transform the best milk into the best-tasting cheese. Highly modern maturing warehouses and regular checks ensure that our high standards are maintained throughout.

Güntensperger Käse AG is a partner to a large number of end sellers in Switzerland and around the world. We deliver cheese on a large scale or you can simply buy from us in our factory store. Get to know us and our cheese products. We are looking forward to meeting you.

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