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Perle des Alpes Suisses - red

Perle des Alpes Suisses - red


After maturing for 9 months, this cheese develops a balanced, slightly nutty flavor. It combines the depth of ripe milk with a subtle spiciness that unfolds harmoniously on the palate, perfect for connoisseurs of balanced flavors.


- Balanced maturity, perfect enjoyment: The 9-month matured cheese is a perfect balance of nuttiness and subtle spiciness, ideal for cheese connoisseurs

- Ideal for cheese platters and cooking: its versatile character makes it a favorite for cheese platters and adds a special touch to dishes

- Swiss artisan tradition: Made according to ancient tradition, this cheese symbolizes the heritage and craftsmanship of the Swiss Alps

Full product description "Perle des Alpes - rouge" in detail as PDF