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ORGANIC Fried and Grill Cheese - Spicy

ORGANIC Fried and Grill Cheese - Spicy


The slightly crunchy bite is reminiscent of rösti that has been baked with a lot of crispy cheese. Arrived in the creamy core, the cheese exudes its playful, surprisingly spicy aroma on the palate.


- Hearty, aromatic veggie variant. Whether in the pan or on the grill - a pleasure

- Crispy golden brown on the outside, juicy and soft on the inside. Reminds of Rösti baked with lots of cheese

- 50% of the hard cheese mix consists of red devil cheese. This gives the grilled cheese its spicy taste

- 100% natural with no preservatives and free range eggs


Complete product description "Organic fried and grilled cheese spicy" in detail as PDF