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Appenzeller® Organic Dark Green Label

Appenzeller® Organic Dark Green Label


The organic Appenzeller® with a full bodied, aromatic twist.


The Bio Suisse label, indicating a product made in accordance with strict organic guidelines, instantly reveals that there is something special about this cheese. Appenzeller® Organic Dark Green Label is one of two cheeses in our selection made from purely organic cow's milk, produced by cows who are fed only on rich grass or hay from natural meadows. The cheese is regularly treated with the secret herbal brine during its maturation period of 4-5 months, allowing the flavours to unfold. For a natural enjoyment and a full-bodied taste.

- with organic raw milk

- aromatic and full-bodied

- aged for 4-5 months

- hard cheese

- secret herbal brine

- free from lactose, gluten, colourings, preservatives, and flavou enhancers


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