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A cheese with a strong character for the whole year

In addition to new inventions and innovations, Güntensperger Käse AG also constantly cultivates its tried-and-tested cheeses and successful recipes with at least as much dedication and effort. One of these is our wild garlic cheese, a creation that is not often available, but which we can recommend all the more. A truly unique cheese that brings variety and a bit of spring into the winter.

Bärlauchkäse | Güntensperger Käse AG | Production, packaging and shipping of innovative Swiss cheese products all over the world according to proven recipes

Full-bodied, characteristically spicy, slightly sharp - unique cheese

We all know it. In spring you can find it everywhere in the woods. You can make a spicy salad from it, you can make a delicious, tasty pesto from it or you can dry it and then? Then Güntensperger turns it into cheese. So with this neat trick (and a few others) we can bring a bit of spring into the depths of winter, for when it gets too dark, but also into all other seasons.

The wild garlic cheese is now one of Güntensperger's classics, because despite its perhaps unexpected willingness to experiment with flavors, the wild garlic cheese has now won over many. It stands out, but in a pleasant way. The exquisite, dried wild garlic leaves give the otherwise creamy cheese a pleasantly spicy and characteristic note with a slightly rounded sharpness. This makes the slightly moss-green cheese an excellent addition to any cheese board that wants to offer variety and to any kitchen that wants to surprise its guests with something unusual but tried and tested.

Bärlauchkäse | Güntensperger Käse AG | Production, packaging and shipping of innovative Swiss cheese products all over the world according to proven recipes

One strong character among many strong characters

We would like to take this opportunity to once again highlight the variety of flavors in the Güntensperger cheese range. In our range you will find cheeses for everyone right through to tasty specialties for connoisseurs. From mild to spicy. From caramel to smoky. From creamy to historic. From young and fresh to characteristically hard and matured. Güntensperger can look back on a long cheese tradition. We cultivate the old recipes of our ancestors and are always coming up with something new. We also cultivate the modern classics that have emerged from them with great care and refine them again and again.

It's time to briefly introduce some classics. With the many awards we have received so far, you can be sure that they will be a delightful surprise in your range or on your dining table.

A small insight into our colorful diversity

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Roter Teufel Extra (ripe crystals, spicy and nutty)

Trüffelperle (wood, moss and fresh mushrooms)

Zirbenkönigin (milky sweetness, floral scent, spicy)

Schnebelhorn (fine salt crystals, creamy, tart)

Gwitterchäs (strong and stormy spicy)

Ziegenkönig (mild, delicately spicy, goat)

You can find lots more cheese, fondue, raclette, cheese balls, cheese bangers, grated cheese, fried and grilled cheese and even cheese for your dog in our product showcase:

And feel free to get in touch. We can tell you all the details you want about our cheeses and their history.

See you soon,

Your team at Güntensperger Käse AG


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