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Güntensperger now with EnAW certificate

With a growing company comes growing responsibility. Towards our team, towards our suppliers, towards the region and towards the environment as a whole. The sustainable use of all our resources and our energy is our concern anyway and also part of our success - which makes EnAW certification a natural step.

Güntensperger location in the midst of beautiful Swiss nature - what we as a company are committed to in the long term

Our environment is important to us and we are committed to it at all levels

The certificates of the Energy Agency for Industry are awarded to companies that are actively committed to the sensible and sustainable management of their energy and resources. To a certain extent, this is in our blood (or in the milk?). The cheese-making trade can be strenuous and even our ancestors had to consider sensible working methods and energy management. In addition, the best cheese comes from the best milk, which is why Güntensperger has shown its suppliers (the >MILK SUPPLIERS) the greatest respect for generations. Furthermore, we love Toggenburg in its original form - the appreciation of our natural resources is a matter of course for us. The >ENAW-ZERTIFIKAT thus represents on many levels exactly what we already stand for.

Sustainable thinking with regard to all our resources and energy makes as much economic sense to us as it does idealistic. As a growing company with larger production, worldwide shipping, now considerable storage facilities and a constantly expanding team, we want to become more efficient rather than more cumbersome. We have made good progress so far. More than ever before, we also want to fulfil our responsibility towards our planet. By continuing to have small farms as our milk suppliers, by continuing traditional craftsmanship with appreciation and by maintaining direct and uncomplicated dealings within our >TEAM and our global network. By cultivating and expanding a naturally grown local and global network, we are also able to act in a respectful manner.

The EnAW certificate, which we now hold from 2024, is on the one hand an honour for something we already stand for, but at the same time also a promise to continue improving in this direction.

In this context, did you know that Güntensperger causes hardly any food waste? On the one hand, we use a lot of experience and good agreements to ensure that we provide the right quantities of our cheeses and cheese products - in other words, to produce enough in advance to meet demand, but not in excess quantities. As some of the cheeses take a long time to mature, this is not always easy and can be a challenge. We therefore tend to produce in larger quantities - overproduction is then absorbed by further processing the cheese and thus maintaining the quality without the natural ripening process becoming an enemy. This manifests itself in popular and high-quality products such as >GRATED CHEESE, >FONDUES, >RACLETTES, >CHEESE BALLS, >SWISS COWERS, >FRIED- AND GRILLED CHEESE and others.

As you can see, we are happy to give you an insight into our processes, our philosophy and our passion. The >ENAW CERTIFICATE is an honour whose worthiness we prove with our everyday work.

With this in mind, Güntensperger also offers >TOURS, which can be combined with tastings of the finest cheeses or even the production of your own cheese products.

With passion and a view to the future,

the Güntensperger Käse AG team


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