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Get to know us, gain insight into the art of cheese making, taste and even make your own cheese

Swiss Lady, Roter Teufel and Gwitterchäs as well as several other types of cheese mature with 55,000 other cheeses in the impressively large cheese ripening storage house of Güntensperger Käse AG in Lütisburg-Station.


A visit is an experience. We will personally guide you through the treasure chambers made of cheese and explain many exciting details about the craftsmanship of cheese production and the history of it.


Depending on your taste, you can supplement this with an accompanied and explained tasting or afterwards make your own Mutschli or your own fondue mix.


Guaranteed something unforgettable and impressive that you can't get to know anywhere else.

Option 1

Guided tour of the Güntensperger Käse AG cheese warehouse

(CHF 35.00 for adults, CHF 15.00 for under 18s)

Option 2

Visit followed by wine & cheese tasting of our fantastic cheese accompanied by a professional cheese sommelier

(CHF 55.00 for adults, CHF 25.00 for under 18s)

Option 3

Visit with the following own production of a herb-coated BERMONTIS-Mutschli (soft cheese)

(CHF 75.00 for adults, CHF 40.00 under 18 years)

Option 4

Visit followed by the production of your own fondue mixture

(CHF 95.00 for adults, CHF 50.00 under 18 years)

Minimum sizes and minimum prices

At least 10 people per group or the following flat rates:

350 CHF for Option 1

550 CHF for Option 2

750 CHF for Option 3

950 CHF for Option 4

Maximum size of the groups

The maximum group size is around 20 people


Registration via this form is not yet binding. We'll get back to you with details and plan the perfect visit to Güntesperger Käse AG with you.

Thank you very much! We'll be in touch very soon for the details.

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