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A beer fondue. Is that possible? And how.

Güntensperger was asked by the organic food chain Alnatura whether we could design and produce an organic fondue. Anyone who knows us a bit also knows that we like a challenge. So once again we got creative and the result was not just an organic fondue, but an organic BEER fondue. Anyone who has tried it will know that fondue definitely doesn't only work with white wine or schnaps. Cheers!

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Creamy, light, aromatic, spicy - selected beer meets the best cheese

The fact that Güntensperger Käse AG produces fondues is probably not entirely new. We already have four different fondues in our range that are well worth trying. They all come from excellent classic cheeses from Güntensperger itself - Fondue with Truffles, Swiss Lady Fondue, Gwitter Fondue (from Gwitterchäs) and the devilishly good fondue as a new interpretation of our Roter Teufel Cheese.

What is new, however, is a fondue with beer. What for many may break with the creed of white wine & fondue or cherry & fondue is absolutely recommendable and a flavourful combination that is second to none and which ultimately surprised us once again.

Not just any beer, not just any cheese

The challenge of making an unforgettable organic fondue was a given and as soon as this turned into the idea of creating a fondue with beer, the search for the perfect symbiosis began. Several fondues and many beers later, we could say with a clear conscience that we had found the right partnership for a lasting relationship.

The organic beer is a pale ale from the Schützengarten AG brewery, which has it brewed in its Ticino brewery - the San Martino Brewery. The beer is called "La Helles" and is distributed by Schützengarten and is probably familiar to some passionate pale ale drinkers. The cheese comes from us, of course, from our own cellars, and the organic Gwitterchäs and Firstkönig organic cheeses stood out with conspicuous interest when the beer visited us.

And now for the flavour

Compared to a lager, a pale ale is "top-fermented", which means that the yeast floats to the top during fermentation - this results in a distinctly fruity and aromatic beer. Together with the spicy and unique flavour of our Güntensperger cheeses, this blends into a unique symphony of flavours. It is incredibly creamy and, despite the flavourful presence of the beer, has a low alcohol content.

Ready for the dark evenings

It's no coincidence that our new fondue creation comes during winter times. There is no better time to get together with friends and family and set up the fondue caquelon bowhl. Whether it's icy winds blowing outside, cold raindrops constantly hitting the ground or the snow piling up metres high - we are indoors with fondue - whether with kirsch, white wine or beer.

The Güntensperger fondues at a glance

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In the meantime, we continue to look after our maturing cheese wheels in the storage cellars with the utmost care, refine our recipes and take care of the perfect packaging and dispatch for the Christmas trade.

We hope that both you and we will always find time for an unforgettable fondue evening - in terms of flavour and otherwise.

To a cosy winter,

your Team at Güntensperger Käse AG


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