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Appenzeller® Black Label

Appenzeller® Black Label


This Appenzeller® packs a powerful flavour punch.


No other Appenzeller® than the Black Label represents better the characteristics of the people of its home region in the Alpstein: it has a robust and hearty character, is sometimes a bit sharp but still very well balanced. As the cheese ages, the cheesemakers search for the very best wheels and store them in a damp cellar at around 14 degrees Celsius to mature them for at least 6 months. This process creates a cheese with a unique flavour, a must have for those who love tart cheese.


- with raw milk

- sharp and robust

- aged for 6 months

- secret herbal brine

- free from lactose, gluten, colourings, preservatives, and flavour enhancers


Find out more on the Appenzeller® cheese website: