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Güntensperger wins again multiple awards at the World Cheese Awards 2023

Every day, our work is appreciated by thousands of cheese connoisseurs and customers worldwide. We are also particularly pleased with the awards that Güntensperger Käse AG continues to receive, which once again this year recognise our dedication and passion for the cheese craft and cheese tradition. This time, Güntensperger (with three gold and three silver awards) really cleaned up far up north, in Trondheim (Norway) at the World Cheese Awards 2023.

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The World Cheese Awards have become the Oscars of the cheese world

The 35th edition of the World Cheese Awards took place this time in northern Europe, more precisely in Trondheim (Norway). In the middle of the windy and rainy fjord landscape, 4500 types of cheese from more than 40 countries were tasted, savoured and evaluated by more than 260 members of the jury - but, as is tradition, it was ultimately the audience that decided the winners. Anyone who can hold their own here makes good cheese.

More interesting facts about the World Cheese Award on the official website:

Güntensperger was present and received several awards (not for the first time). Our cheeses received no fewer than six awards. Naturally, we are more than delighted. For us, this recognises all our work. Our loyalty to the local farmers of Toggenburg and thus the uniquely best milk as the basis for unique cheeses. Our dedication and passion for the cheese craft - giving everything for cheese that we would buy ourselves at any time. Our preservation of a tradition that spans generations and thus the honouring of careful craftsmanship and family secrets that have been handed down. But also our courage to tinker and invent and to create cheeses with new recipes and methods that are as popular as the inventions of our forefathers (and mothers).

The awards

Three times gold, three times silver for our cheeses. These include classics (Roter Teufel, Zirbenkönigin, Schnebelhorn, Gwitterchäs), but also new creations (Güntensberg, Potz Blitz). In the case of Gwitterchäs and its brother cheese Potz Blitz, it is quite possible that their character was simply a perfect match for the harsh northern climate. With the others there is probably no excuse, they are simply fantastic-tasting cheeses.

The six award-winning cheeses

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Güntensperger on the jury

We are particularly pleased that Simona Reiniger was given the honour of being part of the jury for the World Cheese Award 2023 this time. However, this will not result in unfair competition, as the World Cheese Award judging system is too sophisticated and tried and tested for that. The World Cheese Award is also not just about winning. It is also a fantastic and inspiring exchange between cheese producers from all over the world.

What makes Güntensperger cheeses so special?

With continuous awards in Switzerland, but also worldwide, this question can be asked. Of course, we are not revealing our family secrets here, which are an important part of our success. But what is certainly also decisive is the fact that we still cultivate our lactic acid bacteria cultures ourselves, something that is becoming increasingly rare. Our cheeses are also given an extended maturing period under the best climatic conditions in our carefully monitored cheese cellars. Then there is the experience, which is constantly passed on and every generation of Güntensperger learns something new. And last but not least, and probably most importantly, there is the work of the Toggenburg dairy farmers from the region and the milk from cows from farms that treat their animals with respect and appreciation.

In any case, we are all back and quite busy with the careful production, suitable packaging and worldwide delivery of our cheeses. However, we always find time for information, exchanges or information on unique cheese products.

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