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Potz Blitz - lightning has struck Güntensperger!

May we introduce? - Potz Blitz. The reinvention of one of our best cheeses, the Gwitterchäs. Because we at Güntensperger just love cheese making so much and because Toggenburg is full of good stories.

Potz Blitz Cheese | Güntensperger Käse AG | For over 130 years. Production, packaging and shipping of award-winning Swiss cheese from Toggenburg. Export to Switzerland and all over the world. Time-tested recipes and innovative cheese products. Family-run business, highly professional team and passionate craftsmanship.

Lightning has struck Güntensperger. But instead of fire and destruction, it has left behind a new kind of fantastic cheese.

Our Gwitterchäs has been taking cheese connoisseurs by storm for some time now. But the Gwitterchäs has long longed for a younger sibling, which our cheesemakers have long wanted to fulfil. So one spring stormy night they took a Gwitterchäs and put it outside in the meadow. When a violent bolt of lightning struck the cheese, the rind was completely charred. The cheese dough, however, became very soft and unbelievably creamy due to the impact. When the cheesemakers tasted the cheese the next day, they shouted enthusiastically, "Wow, Potz Blitz - that's good! And because storks, which are known to bring babies, do not fly in a thunderstorm, that was the story the cheesemakers told the Gwitterchäs about its new sibling. The Gwitterchäs was very happy about it.

More than the further development of a Güntensperger classic

While this story has its truth and justification, Potz Blitz is much more than just a further development of one of our most successful cheeses. While the relationship to Gwitterchäs cannot be denied in terms of taste, Potz Blitz manifests something that the cheese tinkerers at Güntensperger simply haven't found the time for yet - a really distinctive creamy cheese.

Potz Blitz is a young cheese that is already heartily spicy despite its young age. It awakens the taste buds wonderfully with its extra spicy cream content and goes particularly well with a well-rounded breakfast. It is also naturally lactose-free, like all other matured cheeses from Güntensperger Käse AG. Its special, naturally coloured rind offers a delightful change on the cheese platter.

The Potz Blitz can now be found alongside all the other unique cheeses worth discovering in our PRODUCT SHOWCASE. And if you want to read more true stories from Güntesperger, you are cordially invited to read through our HISTORY.

And as always, we are also very happy to share personal stories about cheese production, the Toggenburg region and dairy farmers. Simply contact us via our web form, by email, by phone or just drop by! It's worth it.


the Güntensperger Team


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