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Noble, now also in BIO - the truffle pearl

With the first signs that this winter is coming to an end, it's easier to imagine hiking again. For example, trails through the woods. For example, through the Piedmont region of Italy. Where the noblest of mushrooms are hidden: The truffle. And so this would be a good time to talk about our truffle pearl again, which we now also stock in BIO.

Trüffelperle | Güntensperger Käse AG | Production, packaging and shipping of innovative Swiss cheese products all over the world according to a proven recipe

Truffle cheese: nothing simple, but something wonderful

We are not afraid of a challenge, we love cheese and simply enjoy creating new flavor creations time and time again. For example, adding truffles to a cheese and combining the flavors is definitely not easy, but it's all the more impressive when you've done it. It took a lot of trial and error at Güntensperger before we managed it. We definitely succeeded, as the international gold award for the Truffle Pearl for 2022 shows. Cheese with truffles has not been around that long and we are delighted to be at the forefront with a very special specimen.

Trüffelperle | Güntensperger Käse AG | Herstellung, Verpackung und Versand von innovativen Schweizer Käseprodukten in alle Welt nach bewährtem Rezept

The taste

The intense, spicy and nutty aroma spreads across the palate from the very first bite. Gradually, subtle notes of wood, moss and fresh mushrooms come to light. A brilliant taste experience. The down-to-earth cheese from Güntensperger combines in an unsurpassable way with the rare black truffles from Piedmont in Italy. This rare delicacy transforms the still unpolished truffle pearl into a true cheese diamond. The bite into this very special cheese is fine and soft and the palate is beguiled by the intense and authentic truffle aroma.

Did you know that "truffles" in food are often fake and false? Not with us. We have real truffles here. Our cheeses are still affordable because we know how to get a lot out of a little.

This combination of noble & exclusive with affordable & accessible makes our truffle pearl a special recommendation. A truffle cheese in a rack, on a buffet or on the table will quickly arouse interest. If it actually tastes good, love can quickly develop. Let's just say that our love for making good cheese is transformed directly into your stomachs.

Trüffelperle | Güntensperger Käse AG | Production, packaging and shipping of innovative Swiss cheese products all over the world according to a proven recipe

Shhht: now also available in BIO!

Not only truffle cheese

The truffle pearl is not the only exclusive Güntensperger cheese that is memorable simply because daring meets accessibility. Nor is it the only one that remains affordable for a long time despite its high quality. Part of our success is that we manage to make authentic and original cheese production so efficient that even very fine products, such as the truffle pearl, remain accessible to everyone. In this way, we also remain loyal to our farmers and their respectful livestock farming. This loyalty pays off in the best milk, the most important basis for all our cheeses.

Trüffelperle, Trüffelperle BIO, sowie viele weitere hauseigene Käse und exklusive Geschmackserlebnisse von Güntensperger hier:

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See you soon,

your team of Güntensperger Käse AG


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