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Mild goat cheese combined with spring flowers

Not a fan of goat cheese? Too sharp in flavour, too strong, too overwhelming? That's understandable. Not everyone likes goat cheese. The Geissblütenzauber, a Güntensperger invention, could change that. It is surprisingly mild and yet unique. And the cheese tastes just as it looks: magical.

Geissblütenzauber cheese - unique mild goat cheese with a fantastic, edible rind - from Güntensperger Käse AG

Blossoms? A wheel made of flowers? Or perhaps something cheesier?

Inside, the cheese is light in colour, almost pure white. Typical for a cheese made from the best goat milk, especially for such a mild cheese. Still a goat cheese with character, Geissblütenzauber has - deliberately - been matured for a shorter time and is therefore very accessible. A perfect introduction to the world of goat cheese. Nevertheless, Geissblütenzauber cheese offers uniqueness and a unique taste experience - at the latest with its edible, colourful flower rind. The flavour of the incomparable blossoms, as if freshly picked from the alpine pastures, comes into its own in this mild goat's cheese. This makes it a cheese for discerning connoisseurs.

Like every one of our Güntensperger cheeses, Geissblütenzauber also has a story and a very special way of making it. We were asked by our customers to produce a cheese with a blossom rind and so we worked our magic - et voilà. Master cheesemaker Reto Güntensperger makes the cheese personally and by hand. The flowers are harvested at the right time, selected, prepared and incorporated into the cheese rind at the perfect moment. Admittedly, the cheese magic does not work entirely without some manual labour.

The Geissblütenzauber - goat cheese for beginners - light on the inside, magically colourful on the outside - a new kind of taste experience

And that is him - in person.

Incidentally, the cheese has already worked its magic at the Salon du Fromage - the cheese fair in Paris, where Güntensperger was present. It was an absolute hit and was very well received. No wonder, as the cheese is a real eye-catcher and is sure to create a surprise on any cheese platter, only to impress with its flavour.

When you bite into the cheese, you are inevitably transported to gloriously lush meadows in summer. In the middle of the Swiss mountains, where there is still snow at the very top, but the day is warmed by a friendly sun. In the middle of the cheeky and clever goats from which the milk comes and in the middle of the blossom splendour, where we had to work very hard to ensure that not all the best blossoms ended up in the stomachs of the aforementioned nimble and voracious animals with horns, but in the end there was still something left for the rind.

Cheeky goats - milk suppliers for Güntensperger goat cheese - the best milk from animal-friendly husbandry

Provide the best goat milk - also like flower blossoms.

The Geissblütenzauber once again represents various aspects of Güntensperger's corporate and artisan culture. The long-standing experience in cheese production. The willingness to break new ground and surprise. A deep connection with the region, the farmers and the animals from which the milk comes, without which our craft would not be possible. And last but not least, Geissblütenzauber can be supplied in large quantities or is also available in smaller quantities.

The Geissblütenzauber, as well as all other cheeses and cheese products from Güntensperger Käse AG, can be tasted in our factory shop or at upcoming trade fairs.

So now we have to go to training - goat wrestling - where we practise how to stand up to the cheeky and extremely lively four-legged friends when collecting flowers.

Always fully on it,

the Güntensperger Käse AG Team


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