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May we introduce? The pearls of the Swiss Alps.

The Perles des Alpes suisses are very special cheeses in our range in that they represent something quite traditional - classic Swiss cheese craftsmanship in its sophisticated perfection handed down through the generations. The Perles des Alpes suisses are available in three degrees of ripeness, each of which offers its own distinctive flavour experience.

Cows from really good and animal-friendly husbandry and from small farms as milk suppliers for the cheese of Güntensperger Käse AG

Not exactly what we're talking about here - but the best raw material producer for exactly that

We are very keen to experiment at Güntensperger. We invent innovative products such as Cheese Balls or Swiss Cowers, we carefully combine our cheeses with truffles, wild garlic or flower blossoms, we come up with new fondues (with beer) or Cheese Bangers for the barbecue. But all of this is still based on tried-and-tested cheese craftsmanship. In the following, we present three cheeses that demonstrate exactly that - proven, traditional and carefully cultivated cheese craftsmanship. Allow us to introduce the Perles des Alpes suisses.

The Perle des Alpes suisses - PURPLE [5 months maturing time]

Perles des Alpes suisses - purple - the mild version of the classic cheese from Güntensperger Käse AG

Gentle flavour, hint of butter - ideal for lovers of fine flavours

Aged for 5 months, this ‘Perle des Alpes suisses’ offers a delicate, creamy flavour. Notes of fresh milk produced on small farms are combined with a hint of butter and a mild, gentle flavour, ideal for lovers of fine cheeses. In the heart of the Swiss Alps, Güntensperger Käse AG refines the ‘Perle des Alpes suisses’ with dedication. After maturing for 5 months, this 30kg cheese offers a delicate, soft explosion of flavour. Originally produced by local masters and then carefully refined by Güntensperger, it epitomises the pure essence of Swiss cheese culture. A noble pleasure for lovers of mild Swiss cheese, every bite tells of the passion and skill that went into its maturation.

Perle des Alpes suisses - RED [9 months maturing time]

Perles des Alpes suisses - red - the balanced version of the classic cheese from Güntensperger Käse AG

Balanced, slightly nutty, subtle flavour - perfect for balanced cheese connoisseurs

After maturing for 9 months, this cheese develops a balanced, slightly nutty flavour. It combines the depth of ripe milk with a subtle spiciness that unfolds harmoniously on the palate, perfect for connoisseurs of balanced flavours. After 9 months of careful refining by the experts at Güntensperger Käse AG, the ‘Perle des Alpes suisses’ reaches excellent maturity. This magnificent full-fat cheese, a product of authentic Swiss craftsmanship, is a true taste experience. Güntensperger guarantees a cheese that carries the traditional values and unmistakable flavour of the Alpine region. An exquisite choice for those looking for a cheese with character and history.

Perle des Alpes suisses - BLACK [12 months maturing time]

Perles des Alpes suisses - black - the recent version of the classic cheese from Güntensperger Käse AG

Rich, strong, intense, aromatic and slightly spicy - perfect for connoisseurs

Aged for 12 months, this cheese has a rich, strong flavour. It is characterised by its intense, slightly spicy notes, which are combined with a pronounced depth and a long-lasting, aromatic aftertaste, ideal for lovers of strong cheeses. Güntensperger Käse AG proudly presents the 12-month matured ‘Perle des Alpes suisses’. This impressive cheese, carefully refined and enhanced, reveals an intense, aromatic profile. Each piece reflects the skilful hand of Güntensperger Käse AG, a tribute to the rich Swiss cheese tradition. Perfect for connoisseurs looking for a strong, unforgettable flavour experience and who appreciate the values and heritage that go into every bite of this exquisite cheese.

Perles des Alpes suisses, like all other cheeses and cheese products, are available in our range for all order sizes. We pack with great experience and deliver quickly and safely everywhere - throughout Switzerland and worldwide.

Faithful to cheese - classic and new,

The Team of Güntensperger Käse AG


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